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Modern Zombies: Amazing Illustrations by Gunduz Aghayev



This time Gunduz Aghayev tried to show such defects which have continued for centuries and have not been solved yet besides new global challenges. For the Artist the main reason of these problems is that, a person does not act individually, rather acts under the influence of the mass or any power.

Explore Moldova // Let’s raise a glass of wine in Moldova: Wine, Tourism, Moldova



Let’s raise a glass of wine in Moldova: Wine, Tourism, Moldova

Cartoons // Mioritic space (Moldova and Romania) in the view of Bogdan Petry



Bogdan Petry is an artist, a pillar of the caricatures art in the Mioritic space, from Tisza to Bug, from Galicia to the Danube.

Read in Romanian Spațiul mioritic prin prisma caricaturilor lui Bogdan Petry

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The artist, dedicated a series of paintings / cartoons to the spirit and personalities that glorified the Romanian people.

Below, you can see a small part of them.

Note: The cartoons have been named by the author of the article. The names assigned to the works we’re not coordinated with Bodan Petry and do not correspond to reality.